14.5 million reasons to start your own loft business

Great Britain!

Our wonderful little island, located perfectly in the North Atlantic Ocean, home to a whooping 66.5 million humans living in the country’s 28 million homes, of which 63% are owner-occupied and 82% of these being either houses or bungalows with dreary, unused & spooky lofts.

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From our calculations this means there’re a potential 14.5 million lofts throughout the UK (give or take a million), boasting an average loft size of 430 Sq feet (40m2) of potentially owned and unused storage space.

If you take a look around your own home, garage, shed or parents spare bedroom, you’ll quickly see the residents of the UK like stuff. Stuff that… well, none of us really use that often, or even need, but haven’t got the heart to depart with.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re a nation of hoarders… which is awesome for our industry!

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This may well also explain why the self storage business has exploded throughout Britain in the last few years. According to the SSA (Self Storage Association) this is now a £440,000,000 per year industry with over 1000 facilities located throughout the UK with an average monthly rental cost of £190. Can you see the potential in the UK loft storage industry with a target market in excess of 14 million homes and growing?

According to government reports*, 498,277 ‘private sector’ new build houses have been completed in England since 2010. The government recently announced that they have set a target of a further 1 million new homes to be completed by 2020. Following the same ratios as the previous 6 years, this looks to bring a healthy 521,640 new ‘private sector’ houses across England alone by 2020. The ongoing shortfall in homes throughout the UK means this market place is likely to grow year on year into the distant future. Wow!!!

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*The Department for communities and Local Government report 2016