About Us

Our Mission

The Loft Boys mission is to become the UK’s most recognised domestic loft storage company on a supply and supply a fit basis. This will be achieved through excellence in service, growth of the franchised network and the supply of quality products and reputation maintained via ongoing staff and franchisee training.

Our History

Old Lofty
  • 2009

    Old TLB logo

    Company Director and Loft Boys founder Dean Taylor quit his full job after becoming fed up with the routine of working for someone else and witnessing how they had become relatively successful running quite a poor operation. With a bank balance of approximately zero and the feeling he could do a better job than his employer... what did he have to lose?

    The idea for The Loft Boys was born after Dean learnt that there was very little choice for people looking to utilise their loft space without the huge expense of employing a full loft conversion company to complete the work.

    Dean initially operated this service as a sole trader operating from home.

  • 2010

    website on screen

    After the creation of various different marketing strategies and having the first TLB website completed work was coming in steadily. It wasn't quite enough to fill every day each week but enough to prove this niche market. Spare time was spent either working on the business or carrying out other home improvement tasks to keep the ££'s coming in.

  • 2011

    tick list

    The Loft Boys started trading as a company. Loft storage work was now pretty much taking care of Dean's weekly work calendar that he felt comfortable of the longevity and comfortable with taking on a fitter’s mate on a full time basis.

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    Annual Sales
  • 2012

    tlb van

    The first TLB office was set up. Although this was small and tucked away in the back of a friends warehouse it was a big step. It provided a distraction free environment and allowed Dean the space he knew he'd need if he was to grow the business.

    The demand for loft storage began to grow and the workload became too much to handle with a single fitting team. Dean needed to recruit, and recruit fast, if he was to keep up with demand. The only hurdle he faced was finding staff with full the range of skills and knowledge needed to meet his standards. Dean welcomed employee No.2 into the company. Dean now had a fully trained fitting team whose skills allowed them to complete 100% of the company's loft storage installations which enabled him to build the business further and get out to win more work. He also treated them to a new van, which was quite a step up from the old beast.

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    Annual Sales
  • 2013

    showroom and warehouse

    Two more teams were now operational and TLB's relocated to a facility which allowed product buying power. We were able to purchase stock in larger quantities and stock them. This meant a more productive day as the and a better bottom line, which was reinvested into the company's show room, brand and website.

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    Annual Sales
  • 2014

    tlb staff

    This was the year that Dean identified the feasibility of franchising the business. He'd worked hard on simplifying and systematising the business that he felt he could train someone easily, quickly and to a good standard. This was proven by the fact that Dean recruited a surveyor to take on the role of converting leads into paid work. This was a very successful move and the new surveyor who had zero experience within the industry was out winning work within a matter of days.
The business was becoming so successful that Dean also had the need for additional office staff. This lead to the need to relocate again. The Loft Boys now had 11 full time employees all working like mad to keep up with demand, one of which was Sharron (Dean's better half).

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    Annual Sales
  • 2015


    The Loft Boys were approached by the manufacturers of an award winning loft storage flooring system and become first approved installation partner of the only BBA approved Loft storage flooring system. This enabled us to secure the majority of work available within new build properties throughout our territory.

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    Annual Sales
  • 2016


    Welcome Mark. Mark was brought into the company to fulfil the role of operations manager but was quickly promoted to the position of Commercial director. Dean, Sharron & Mark worked together to to simply and systematise the business further. During this process we realised that the conversion of leads could boosted via the introduction of a couple of pre-survey marketing strategies. This worked like a dream and reinforced the idea that The Loft Boys really is a turnkey business. The franchise possibility was looking good. All the boxes were being ticked. It wasn't about growing internally anymore.

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    Annual Sales
  • 2017

    lofty country

    Work Hard, Work Harder and then do it all again. The goal was to go national now and we knew that if this was to be achieved we needed to make sure that everything was right. We needed to practice what we were setting out to achieve so Dean & Mark rolled up their sleeves and got on the tools to prove the franchise concept.

    TLB Group Ltd was formed to head up the franchising business model. The 1st TLB Franchisee was born and got up and running quickly and successfully, showing real profits after it's 3rd month.